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Projects and Programs

Happiness and Resilience Workshop for Healthcare Workers

This is an online arts-based wellness workshop developed for nurses and adjacent healthcare workers to counter and prevent burnout.

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Narrative Medicine with Art

Narrative medicine is an interdisciplinary field that complements and expands conventional healthcare training by supporting narrative competence skills and creativity derived from the arts and humanities domains to address the needs of healthcare providers and receivers. While empirical evidence supports the use of arts-based interventions in promoting the well-being and personal growth of healthcare workers, art prompts have been underexplored and underutilized in narrative medicine. My research delivered a clear picture of the value art prompts bring to narrative medicine workshops and arts and health programs. 

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Using Ekphrasis - Therapeutic Arts Workshop

This studio-based therapeutic workshop involves looking at art, making art, and writing about art. Ekphrasis is a type of poetic writing that describes visual art and this type of poetry can enhance attentive and reflective practices in our daily lives. Anyone can join this workshop but it is especially helpful to students and professionals in the field of mental health, caregiving, or education.

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